CBD Clinic Level 5 Pain Stick
CBD Clinic Level 5 Pain Stick

CBD Clinic™

CBD Clinic Level 5 Pain Stick

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The CBD CLINIC™ Level 5 Pain Relief Stick is a solid stick of the most popular and most powerful Level 5 ointment.  The easy-to-use twist-bottom applicator is perfect for hands-free application.  The solid Level 5 Pain Relief Stick is effective, convenient pain relief on the go.

Level 05 Pain Relief Stick

  • Camphor 11%   Menthol  16%
  • Moisturizing and Essential Oils (Per 40g Jar):
  • Hemp Extract >360mg, Peppermint Oil > 180mg, Tea Tree Oil >180mg, Eucalyptus Oil >180mg, Clove Oil >180mg Oil Based 

Dermatologist Tested     1.41oz (40g)

The CBD Clinic Level 5 Pain Stick is a highly concentrated, portable, and convenient product designed for deep, penetrating relief from severe muscle and joint pain. The CBD Clinic Level 5 Pain Stick, is the same effective, quality product as the ointment, but as a stick, it is easier to apply directly to the affected areas without getting your hands messy, and it’s so convenient to carry with you in your purse or gym bag.

This formulation is especially useful for on-the-go applications and targeting your specific areas of discomfort.

As the most potent formulation in the CBD Clinic product line, the Level 5 Pain Stick is particularly favored by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking significant relief from chronic pain conditions. 

Key Features:

  • High CBD Concentration: Contains a high level of CBD (cannabidiol) derived from hemp, known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.
  • Active Ingredients: Typically includes menthol and camphor as active ingredients, which are approved by the FDA for pain relief. These ingredients provide a cooling sensation that helps to quickly alleviate pain on the surface level.
  • Convenient Stick Application: The product is designed as a stick, making it easy to apply directly to the affected areas without getting your hands messy. This feature is especially useful for on-the-go application and targeting specific areas of discomfort.
  • Deep Penetration: Formulated for deep tissue penetration, the Pain Stick aims to reach deeper into muscles and joints to provide relief from pain at its source.
  • Natural Ingredients: In addition to CBD, the product often includes other natural ingredients that support skin health and enhance the pain-relieving effects.


  • Targeted Relief: The stick format allows for precise application, providing targeted relief to areas in need.
  • Rapid and Long-Lasting Relief: Offers quick relief from pain that is also long-lasting, allowing individuals to continue with their daily activities with reduced discomfort.
  • Ease of Use: The no-mess stick applicator makes it easy to use anywhere, fitting conveniently in a bag for use at work, the gym, or while traveling.
  • Non-Psychoactive: The product does not produce psychoactive effects, as it contains CBD without THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound responsible for the "high" associated with marijuana.
  • Safe for Regular Use: When used as directed, the Pain Stick is safe for regular application, presenting minimal risk of side effects.

The CBD Clinic Level 5 Pain Stick is designed for individuals seeking a powerful, convenient solution for managing severe pain. Its combination of high-concentration CBD, natural ingredients, and ease of application make it a popular choice for those needing relief from muscle and joint discomfort.

If you’d like to opt for an ointment, with the same powerful effect, choose CBD Clinic Level 5 Pain Relief.

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Pain Relief

Pain Relief is an accurate title for this product; I apply it to neck and back every morning and night and it alleviates a good deal of stiffness, increasing mobility. And the stick makes application so simple and clean! By the way, I'm 72 and believe good, natural products of this quality keep me going strong...



The CBD Clinic™ Clinical Strength Pain Relief Ointment Series was created in order to set the gold standard for pain relief based on 15 years of experience researching, developing, and testing naturally derived remedies.

The unique multi-level pain management system will help you treat incremental levels of pain directly at the source of discomfort with increasing levels of active ingredients. The primary formulas release the cooling action of menthol and camphor terpenes alongside additional plant extracts to enhance the cooling effect. In addition, these exclusive CBD products are loaded with natural emollients to lock in the active ingredients while also nourishing the skin.

To uphold the highest industry standards, CBD CLINIC™ ointments, creams, massage oils, and pain relief sticks are manufactured in a federally audited facility. You can trust that each batch is tested by 3rd party labs in order to ensure safety, accuracy, and consistency from batch to batch.

While CBDCLINIC™ products can only be purchased through healthcare professionals, Health Essentials Cape and Islands is proud to provide access to this effective pain relief solution through our online and in-clinic partners. We are pleased to offer such a high-quality product that has been proven to help treat pain.