CBD Clinic Level 4 Pain Relief Ointment
CBD Clinic Level 4 Pain Relief Ointment
CBD Clinic Level 4 Pain Relief Ointment

CBD Clinic™

CBD Clinic Level 4 Pain Relief Ointment

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healthCBD CLINIC™ clinical strength pain relief ointment Level 4 targets muscle and joint pain with two naturally derived analgesics, camphor (5%) and menthol (7%). The extra strength formulation penetrates deeply through the skin to deliver cooling and heating relief directly at the source of discomfort.

We’ve included additional terpenes found in peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, and clove oils to enhance the cooling effects of the active ingredients.

This product is among our most popular pain relief products and a must-have for anyone who experiences upper back pain or has other significant sore spots.

CBD CLINIC Level 4 ointment powerfully penetrates the site of severe muscle and joint pain with 2 separate, high-dose painkillers. The strong pain-fighting formulation pierces deep through tissue to deliver relief directly to painful muscles and joints by reducing swelling and inflammation.  This ointment is part of a line of topical analgesics produced by CBD Clinic with two strengths - Level 4 and Level 5.  

CBD Clinic Level 4 contains a combination of natural emollients, essential oils, and CBD extracted from the hemp plant. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which can help with conditions such as arthritis, muscle strains, back pain, and other types of physical discomfort.

Key Features:

  • High Concentrations of CBD: Level 4 ointment contains a higher concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) compared to over-the-counter options, maximizing the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits of CBD.
  • Active Ingredients: CBD Clinic Level 4 includes a combination of menthol and camphor as active ingredients, which are FDA-approved for pain relief. These ingredients provide immediate cooling and soothing effects, which can help to quickly alleviate pain sensations.
  • Deep Penetration: Formulated for deep penetration, the ointment is designed to reach deeper into muscle tissue and joints to provide relief from pain at its source.
  • Natural Emollients: The ointment is made with natural emollients that help it to smoothly glide over the skin, allowing for easy application without leaving a greasy residue.

CBD Clinic Level 4 Pain Relief Ointment Benefits

  • Targeted Relief: The ointment is applied directly to the area of discomfort, providing targeted relief where it is needed most. This localized approach can be more effective for certain types of pain compared to systemic pain relievers.
  • Rapid Onset Action: The active ingredients, such as menthol and camphor, offer immediate cooling and soothing effects, which can help to quickly reduce the sensation of pain.
  • Deep Muscle and Joint Penetration: CBD and other ingredients in the ointment are formulated to penetrate deeply into the muscles and joints, offering relief from pain at its source. This can be particularly beneficial for conditions like arthritis, muscle strains, and sprains.
  • Natural Ingredients: CBD Clinic products including Level 4, often emphasize the use of natural ingredients, which can be a preferable option for individuals looking to avoid synthetic chemicals and medications.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory effects, which can be beneficial in treating conditions where inflammation is a primary cause of pain. Reducing inflammation can also help to improve mobility and reduce further injury.
  • Minimal Side Effects: Topical CBD products like this ointment generally have fewer and less severe side effects compared to oral pain medications, making them a safer option for many people, especially when used as directed.
  • Non-Addictive: Unlike some prescription pain medications, CBD is not known to be addictive, making it a safer alternative for long-term use in managing chronic pain.
  • Complementary to Other Treatments: This ointment can be used in conjunction with other pain management strategies, offering a holistic approach to pain relief that addresses both symptoms and underlying causes.

CBD CLINIC™ products are only available for sale through healthcare professionals. Health Essentials Cape and Islands, through its online and in-clinic partners, are pleased to offer such a high-quality product that is a proven tool in treating your pain.



The CBD Clinic™ Clinical Strength Pain Relief Ointment Series was created in order to set the gold standard for pain relief based on 15 years of experience researching, developing, and testing naturally derived remedies.

The unique multi-level pain management system will help you treat incremental levels of pain directly at the source of discomfort with increasing levels of active ingredients. The primary formulas release the cooling action of menthol and camphor terpenes alongside additional plant extracts to enhance the cooling effect. In addition, these exclusive CBD products are loaded with natural emollients to lock in the active ingredients while also nourishing the skin.

To uphold the highest industry standards, CBD CLINIC™ ointments, creams, massage oils, and pain relief sticks are manufactured in a federally audited facility. You can trust that each batch is tested by 3rd party labs in order to ensure safety, accuracy, and consistency from batch to batch.

While CBDCLINIC™ products can only be purchased through healthcare professionals, Health Essentials Cape and Islands is proud to provide access to this effective pain relief solution through our online and in-clinic partners. We are pleased to offer such a high-quality product that has been proven to help treat pain.