It Started with One Girl

At a very early age, Charlotte Figi was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy. Her mother, Paige, extensively researched health options that led her to a little-known plant compound called cannabidiol, or CBD. Meanwhile, the Stanley Brothers were working to develop proprietary hemp genetics that were high in CBD and low in THC -- originally called Hippie's Disappointment as a joking nod to their plants’ non-psychoactive properties.

In 2012, Paige contacted the Stanley Brothers looking for a non-psychoactive natural alternative for her then five-year-old daughter Charlotte. After seeing Charlotte’s response to the extract, the Stanley Brothers were inspired to share their extract with others.

This company didn’t start as a company. It started as a mission to help others. Starting with one little girl.

Matt Figi hugs his 7-year-old daughter Charlotte inside a Colorado greenhouse. The plants are a special strain of medical marijuana known as Charlotte's Web, which was named for Charlotte after she used the plant to treat epileptic seizures Brennan Linsley—AP

Word Spreads

From 2013 to 2015 thousands of families from around the world moved to Colorado to access CBD products to improve their quality of life.

In many cases, employees of Charlotte’s Web, the Stanley Brothers themselves, their mother, Charlotte’s family and others joined together to help these families get settled, and in some cases opening their homes as temporary housing.

The World Takes Note

In 2013, Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN) meets Charlotte and other families and famously changes his mind on the health benefits of cannabis; reversing course and speaking out in favor of Charlotte’s Web and inherent benefits of hemp. Other media outlets follow suit and Charlotte’s Web becomes an internationally recognized brand.

Expanding the Mission

The Stanley Brothers built their company inspired by the motto: "Do well by doing good." To that end, we create focused, measured, meaningful philanthropic partnerships with groups who hold a very special place in our hearts.