Rose spent her first seven years having babies in a puppy mill.  When she arrived at her new home she was a little overweight and out of shape.  Within a few months it was determined that Rose needed ACL surgery. While Rose was able to walk better than before the surgery, she walked very slowly and missed out playing with other dogs, something she loved to do!

Because Rose’s new “human” was working with Charlotte’s Web products, she received samples of their CBD Canine line. Without much thought or expectation, Rose was volunteered to be a guinea pig to try the tinctures and chews. One day, after a couple weeks of a half dropper full of Chicken flavored Hemp Extract oil and two Hip and Joint Chews daily, Rose ran by her human while out walking.

“When I realized what had happened I almost cried”, Rose’s human remarked.  “She must have been in pain all that time even after the surgery and now she walks and runs with ease.  It’s the best feeling in the world to know you’ve helped your dog live a better life, especially since they can’t tell you what’s wrong.”